Pavel Durov has spoken up again, and this time he has done it loudly and clearly. Telegram’s CEO has published a statement in social media explaining users the problems that Telegram’s iOS app is facing. Firstly, the issues with Telegram are due to the fact that Apple is preventing the app from being updated globally, and there are even more consequences.

It all started in April after a Russian court ordered banning Telegram in the country because Durov refused to provide the app’s decryption keys. The Russian government demanded access to users’ conversations on the grounds of national security. However, Telegram is now facing bigger issues because of the banning of the app.

Apple is preventing iOS updates

According to the company’s CEO, after Telegram was banned in Russia, the app has not been updated in the App Store. If fact, the last available version (4.8.1) is the one launched on March 24. Durov directly accuses Apple of restricting updates after Russia banned the app.

Therefore, Telegram’s iOS app is having issues with its features and tools (like stickers) after iOS 11.4 was officially released. This happens despite Telegram’s CEO claiming that the company fixed the issues weeks ago, maybe after being detected in iOS 11.4 beta versions.

Russia demands removing Telegram from the App Store

However, users around the globe are feeling the effects of Apple’s refusal to update Telegram. As we have said, the app has not been updated for months. Additionally, Telegram has not been able to comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) because it cannot update the app.

Apple has not commented on the issue yet, so we only have Pavel Durov’s version as of now. We have to wait to see if Apple’s passive attitude is related to the fact that Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) is asking the company to remove Telegram from the App Store. Apple has a month to come up with a response to the FSB’s petition, so we can only wonder if this is the reason why Apple is preventing Telegram from updating its app.