This year’s Hot Chips event will take place August 19-21. Thanks to the conferences schedule, we were able to confirm that NVIDIA will be there and that it will talk about the next generation of discrete GPUs: the GeForce GTX.

This quashes the rumors we heard before about NVIDIA using this year’s Computex event to unveil its new discrete GPUs, so now we are expecting NVIDIA’s new GeForce GTX GPUs to arrive during the third trimester of 2018.

It is important to bear in mind that nothing prevents the company from making a simple announcement at Computex without providing technical details in order to draw attention, leaving said details for the Hot Chips event. This makes sense, but it has not been confirmed, so it might not happen.

Back to NVIDIA’s new GeForce GTX, it is important to take into account that the company has always launched its next-gen GPUs following a schedule, which means that the GPUs might be released in a specific order:

    • The GTX 2080 and the GTX 2070 will be launched first, meaning that these are the models that we will see in August and September.
    • The GTX 2060 will follow. This model should be launched before year’s end, probably around November and December.
    • If there is a small form factor version of the GTX 2060, we will not see it until early 2019.
    • The GTX 2050 will arrive during the first trimester of 2019.
    • The GTX 2080 Ti would be launched around March and May 2019.
  • The GTX 2030 would be the last to arrive. It is impossible to say exactly when because NVIDIA usually takes liberties with its low-end models, but it is safe to think that they will be launched around the second half of 2019.